Let's share your work with the world.

Uploading Files

Head to the the FTP Upload site below to begin your file transfer. Please be sure to include as a recipient before submitting. See the guidelines below for all file submissions.


  • All files must be original work owned by you.
  • Please size your to be at least 2000 pixels (long edge) in jpeg format. If we intend to print images, we will contact you for full resolution versions.
  • Please do not watermark images. You will be fully credited for your work.
  • Please include any pertinent information that you would like associated with the imagery or in the social post. 
  • Content will be placed into a queue for distribution determined by Iron & Air. Please inform us of any time sensitivity associated with the content so that we can adjust the timing accordingly if necessary.


  • Lifestyle (Moto) - Any form of photo showing life on two-wheels. Images will typically include people, but are not limited to just. Can include mood shots, non-specific motorcycle or shop imagery, etc. May also include builder portraits as well.
  • Lifestyle (Non-Moto) - Any form of photo associated with or pertaining to the lifestyle associated with Iron & Air in general. This does not necessarily need to include motorcycles. Anything pertaining to craft, outdoor adventure, human interest, etc. are acceptable. 
  • Featured Bikes - These are motorcycles that you shoot with the purpose of showcasing them or their builders to be distributed via our social channels. 
  • Open Road - Event coverage, shows, gatherings, or anything of the like.
  • Other - Our interests, like yours, are not one dimensional. If you have a concept or idea you'd like to float past us, we would love to hear it. Our audience is forever growing and exploring. We invite them to explore with us. 


Ideally, we would like 1-2 submissions per week for consideration. Your work will be placed into a queue for distribution along with other content that we are releasing weekly. As stated in the guidelines, please let us know if the content is time sensitive and we will work to release accordingly.

Fine Print

We want to showcase as much original content as possible, and through this partnership allow you to use Iron & Air as a distribution point for your work. If content has been released on another site (other than your own), we respectfully reserve the right to not publish it on our channels. We kindly ask that you think of us first when considering content that you would like distributed. We also reserve the right to not publish any content that does not align with our brand or that we find offensive, vulgar, racially or sexually insensitive, or could jeopardize our relationships with any sponsors or advertisers that help to support Iron & Air. 

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