The realities of a 10,000 mile motorcycle trip.

"I remember when we pulled in for breakfast in Port Allegany and she came over to greet us. There was an immediate shift in energy. To this point, we were all silently asking what we’d gotten ourselves into. It had been two days and when we took our helmets off, I could see it on Greg’s face and in Mike’s blank stare. I could hear it in my team's whispering of doubts back in NH. Here’s what I learned most from traveling 10,000 miles into the American West over 37 days: I didn’t really know what I was doing." 

10,000 miles, 15 States, 5 National Parks, 1200 gallons of fuel, 30 Quarts of oil, 3 sets of tires, 500 pints of beer, 3 busted rocker arms, 37 days. 

Three friends.  

Exploring the American West in Russian sidecars.

More than one fellow motorcyclist looked at us cross-eyed. Actually, they all did. We decided to take a couple oddities – two Ural sidecars – out of their crates and push them deep into the American West.

It’s a romantic notion we all dream of; loading up your steed with only the essentials and heading west for landscapes and run-ins with random saints and sinners. There’s something about self-inflicted struggle we’re used to here in the Northeast – so we forsook the comforts of traction control, heated grips, and cruise control. Instead, we opted for the next best thing to traveling via stagecoach: the utilitarian and free-spirited nature of the Russian sidecar. Blended with our own mixture of grit and simple ambition, we set out to chase the western sun for just over a month.

Enjoy these beautiful extras captured by contributing photographer Jenny Linquist as we made our way through Wyoming and Montana backcountry (on phone? Turn sideways for full effect).

"Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things can not be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime."

- Mark Twain

Enough Saturday-night bar hopping. It's time to let the motorcycle change you once again. Grab your copy of the book we put together documenting our trip and leave it where you can thumb through it every day - until you finally book your own. It's part Pirsig, part overland, part nuts.