The One Moto Show - Farewell

Oh Portland...we've fallen in love with you. Maybe it's the Voodoo Donuts talking, or the ridiculous amount of great food and beer available on every street corner. Maybe it's the charming quirkiness we've seen cleverly mocked on Portlandia we will miss when we head back to our little town in New Hampshire. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because we had the pleasure to attend one of the best motorcycle shows to grace US soil in a long time. 


To categorize the One Show as just another motorcycle gathering is to do it a complete disservice. What Thor Drake of See See Motor Coffee Co. has crafted with the One Show is an amalgamation of culture bridging generational and social gaps. While the motorcycles are at the forefront of the event, there is so much more to appreciate. The combining of art, music, design, architecture, carpentry and overall aesthetic appeal creates an environment where motorcycle building can be appreciated for the craft that it truly is while paying homage to the creative outlets that have forever inspired us along the way. Thor took the idea of what drives us at our core to create and manifested it into a physical environmental experience. That is the One Show. 

Enjoy some photos from the last day and night of the show, and from our trip to See See Motor Coffee Co. just blocks from the show. We'll see you again soon, Portland. 

Head over to the Kickstarter project that Thor has set up to help fund the publishing of the One Show books. These will be collectors items from an event which is destined to go down in history. 

Special thanks to Thor Drake and the folks in Portland for your hospitality.

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