Monday, Dirty Monday - David Marvier x 56 Motorcycles

While most folks dread Monday more than a stick in the eye, the guys at 56 Motorcycles in Paris, France spent the day trying to literally avoid just that. While testing a few of their latest projects, owner Tom invited the talented photographer, David Marvier, to join them in the woods, trying not to kill him in the process. David shared the following with us:

"On a Monday morning, while everyone else was at work, four of us went to a BMX park in the woods close to Paris to see if a Honda CR75 and a Honda C50 could get us through a dirt-filled morning.

The 75 was born in 1973. It's fed by a 125 Honda XLS fuel tank and stands on a TL fork and wheels, and uses a CB swing arm, which is longer due to the wheel size. The exhaust was imported from RPM in Japan and produces a beautiful racing noise, which goes well with the carburetor, a Keihin PC20 by Kitaco. Pure awesomeness. It's a real pleasure to work on these babies! 

The Honda C50, on the other hand, has a bigger rear shock and a Keihin carb. The rest is stock. Another little, really manageable Honda — like a BMX!

For Tom (the owner of 56 Motorcycles), two friends, and myself, the result was more than positive. The jumps were rough, close together, and vicious, and I almost died twice, nearly cut to pieces by the thin wheels of the C50, but they were great moments, and everyone was thrilled to be there."

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