Six girls, three motorcycles, a dog, a camera, and a gun.

Girls on bikes are hot. Let's be honest. But girls on bikes that can actually ride, and decide to trek out to the Oregon coast by themselves for a weekend of dirt biking, hill climbing, shooting, and debauchery? Marry us, please. 

Six girls, three motorcycles, a dog, a camera, and a gun sounds like the start of a bad joke, but if you are Oregon native and professional photographer Amanda Leigh Smith, it's a recipe for one hell of a good weekend. Amanda and the ladies shared with us their story.


"First off, it was sunny in Oregon in the middle of January. We had to go. We all do these things with friends in the Spring and Summer, but we were lucky to be able to have a day like this in the dead of winter! We all ride regularly, but this was the first time the six of us finally got together to ride some dirt and trails. We decided to load up an old Chevy van and go ride at one of our favorite spots, “Brown’s Camp,” in the Tillamook National Forest near the Oregon coast. Six girls, three motorcycles, a dog and a camera were all loaded up into the only vehicle we could get our hands on to haul the bikes. It was spitting oil and gas the entire trip out there, but we managed to make it round trip with only a few set backs (don’t borrow old vans from old friends that think it's funny to watch you fix them). The day was filled with all kinds of adventure; it was Casey’s first time dirt biking, who usually rides a '78 XS 650, and we managed to break, but then fix just about everything we brought with us: bike, van, and gun. The day was capped off with some drinks and burgers at a nearby pub on the way back to Portland."

With nearly four decades of riding experience between them, these ladies are hardly weekend warriors. In fact, each of them play integral roles in the motorcycling scene we all know and love. Amanda, is a professional photographer and the better half of James Crowe of Crowe Customs and We Are West America. Sisters Tori and Emily George, and Casey Lynch all work for See See Motorcycle Coffee Co. in Portland. Ginger McCabe is better known as the upholstery master behind New Church Moto and Heidi Lieberman is an artist and volunteers at the One Motorcycle Show


You can meet all of these ladies who will be helping to organize The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, Oregon this February. The show is in its fifth year, and will feature art, motorcycles, music, and best of all, it's free. Join us there February 7, 8, and 9. More info at

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