Meet Bruno...


Gregor Harih is a first time builder from Slovenia and based on his 1980 Honda CX500, we certainly hope it is not his last. Put together in his spare time over the course of three months, the project he nicknamed "Bruno" was built to be his daily rider and mixed a number of aesthetic and performance updates to achieve the look. The upgrades consist of Dunlop K70 tires, Fehling M-handlebars, black posh grips, Dime City Cycles speedometer and tach, a custom fiberglass seat pan with custom back fender, custom formed seat, Gianelli vintage exhaust, grey heat wrap, 7″ British style front light, Bates style LED backlight, vintage aluminum indicators, and bar-end vintage mirrors. Finished off with military green paint, a semi-gloss black painted frame, and satin black powder coated wheels and fork tubes, this is a CX to be reckoned with. 

All photos shot by Luka Cajnkar. Find Gregor on Facebook and Instagram

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Songs to Live & Ride By

Whether we're plugging away at the next issue, or trouble shooting a busted old bike in the garage, music is one of the things that motivates us when we wanna get out and ride, what inspires us to create on a daily basis and often times what keeps us from hurling the keyboard or the socket wrench across the room when things are not quite going as planned. This is just a small sample of some the tracks I am listening to daily while plugging away on Issue Ten. Check 'em out.

- Adam