Issue 1 is here.

What they're saying already:

"A magazine that promises to bring the best content monthly to you with a click of the mouse!" - Sydney Cafe Racers

"It's honestly an incredible piece of work - congrats on what must have been a long and hard job." - T. Aysan

"Just finished Issue 1, great read and very entertaining, I feel inspired!" - M. Walker

"Quick glance thru Iron & Air's Magazine Issue One, its beautiful. Can't wait to dive in. Well done gentlemen, well done." - C. Logsdon

"Damn fine magazine... Subscribed immediately. Best read around for crazed cycle tramps. I'm in for life." - J. Dunn

"wow fellas... just subscribed for the year and glanced through the first edition, awesome work! I'm looking forward to digging into this issue more and seeing what the next 11 months have to offer!" - A. Bower

"Guys, the issue is incredible! Congratulations on a job well done." - S. Topefer

It's here.

The best things in life are worth waiting for! We've poured our hearts and souls into all 110 gorgeous pages of Issue One and we're all enjoying a happy exhaustion here in the I&A shop.

Our publishing approach.

Iron & Air magazine is the next generation social magazine. Social magazine? Yes, by leveraging the power of digital, the accessibility across devices, (anytime, anywhere access) and the connectedness of our social networks you will always be able to browse, read, gawk and share Iron & Air.

Are you going to have a printed edition?

Absolutely! Starting in October, our first print edition will be sold separate from your base annual subscription (12 digital issues). The October edition will feature expanded content and be a beautiful, perfect-bound magazine that you'll want to keep on your coffee table or in the shop at all times. It will be a constant reference that will inspire you with the engineering, design, lifestyle and the open road that Iron & Air is all about.

How much?

Each issue is only $5. You can subscribe annually for $39.95 ($3.25 per issue). Our expanded print editions (release 4-6 times per year) will be sold separately.

Special Bike Build Giveaway! What? Well, this is the kind of bat-shit crazy that happens when you get the crew from Dime City Cycles and Iron & Air together. As we finished off the last beer in the vintage fridge in the Iron & Air garage we thought, “How sick would it be to award someone one of these garage-bred machines?” One lucky speed freak would watch as DCC took a rusty lump of a CB750 and resurrect it into a vintage speed machine they could call their very own. So we shared the idea with Herm and Jason and they said, “We’re in.”

  • Donor CB750 rust-bucket
  • Complete rebuild & customization by the crew at Dime City Cycles!
  • Chronicled garage-build in each issue of Iron & Air from now through October
  • Giveaway happening LIVE at Barber Vintage Festival on October 12-14!

So now my friend, you have a chance to put Dime City Cycles to work for you over the next few months wrenching on a bike for you!

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