Full Tilt - NYC Vintage Motorcycle Show 2012

Brooklyn, New York - This year's show took place on Sunday, August 25th. It originally began in 2004 by Taka of Peak-Point up in Queens as a way to get together, drink some beers, and chill out.  From there it's only gotten bigger every year but, at least in our eyes, has kept the same goals and feel. Moving from Queens to Brooklyn in 2007 and settling in on N14th Street in 2008, the show has always been the product of NYC VinMoto's members wanting an excuse to hang out and have a great day.  I think that's what makes this show different and special from all the other bike shows on earth.

First of all, it's in the middle of one of the biggest urban areas on the planet, not some field in the middle of nowhere, so it's easy as hell for anyone to get to.  Also, and we're pretty damn proud of this, out of over 300 bikes, I'm quite sure I only saw 2 trailers the entire day.  One of those was for a busted ass late 70's CB that didn't run but was for sale for like $500.  The other was for a '48 Indian Chief.  This is a rider's show.  We're  proud of the fact that these rad vintage machines are loved and cared for enough to make it under their own steam, this ain't some Sturgis Trailertopia.

On top of that, we're lucky enough to have just about every kind of bike and biker imaginable roll through the show every year.  For example, this year we had classic Triumph loving McQueen wannabe's in Belstaff standing shoulder to shoulder with ADV Bimmer nerds in Schuberth modulars, bearded be-salvedged CB "cafe" kids, some guy on an R6 with a facebook group called "sportbikers and hot chicks," an all black modern bagger crew from queens, and about 20 moped freaks!  I mean, where the hell else are you gonna find a group as diverse as that?  I say nowhere but Brooklyn.

Finally, this is no typical biker sausagefest.  We have tons of amazingly great bikes owned and ridden by ladies.  And I'm pretty damn sure that we're one of the few bike shows that's basically headed up by a woman.  Corinna was the heart and soul of the planning committee and really did the hard work to make this show possible.  I think it shows in the fact that the crowd is always one of the most fun, respectful, and awesome groups of people I've ever had the pleasure to be around.

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Categories and Awards this year:

  • People's choice was a '51 Norton Dominator.
  • The Little Sister's Bike/Training Wheels award for under 100cc's was a Raleigh Supra 50
  • The Ductape and Bailing wire award for jankiest repair on a ridden bike went to  a ratty 60's Triumph
  • The "Pig In Heels" award for person who spent the most time on makin' a pretty Honda CB went to David of E3 Motorcycles
  • The "Freedom Ain't free and neither was this Resto" for American Bikes went to a '48 Indian Chief PD Restoration
  • The 'Cross the Pond Funny Accent Bike (euro/brit) bike went to a '71 Triumph Bonnie Hardtail
  • The Fancy Jap Crap went to a Kawasaki Z Fighter from the 70's
  • The Plastic Plate Special for Race Bikes went to Hugh Mackie of 6th St Specials for his 60's motor Champion Frame Triumph Flat Tracker.

A huge thank you to Main Drag Music and Vinny's Staging in there for supplying all the Sound Equipment and stage. For anyone who wants to get involved, the best way is to sign up for the NYCVinMoto list and then send an email to jjdrury@gmail.com and Corinna Mantlo at Miss1932@gmail.com and they can put ya to work.

Photos by David Browning of E3 Motorcycles and Julien Roubinet www.julienroubinet.com, words by Jack Drury.