Triumph Bonneville Custom by Mean Machines

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When you set out to open your own bike shop with the intention to "scare the shit out of little kids", be might just get what you wish for.

Wenley Andrews, owner of Mean Machines in Sidney, Australia is anything but mean. The soft-spoken, charming fellow from Down Under relates how "Big Chill" came about. "While looking around for our next build, my dad's old retired veteran friend had this Bonneville T100 with only minimal kilometers on the clock. My vision was for it to be loud, fast and mean looking. You know, enough to scare kids coming down the road," he says with a smile.

Having worked with his father for years and doing a stint at Deus Ex Machina, he has plenty of confidence and experience going into a project like this. He gave "Big Chill" a full strip down and spent 6 months restoring it, making sure every part was perfect. Explaining his building philosophy, "I like things "mean" and "fat" but still keeping in line with the old school café style."

He describes one of the biggest challenges of the build, "Making the seat fit was a bit of an engineering marvel, we spent about a week shaping and moulding the seat to get it just right."

Some of it's other highlights include:

  • A one-off rim on the rear to accommodate the 180 size tires
  • Custom uprated shocks, short brake/clutch levers
  • Custom cnc top bridge
  • One inch clip-ons
  • Custom foot pegs
  • Custom fiberglass front fender
  • Bates headlight
  • One-off exhaust system
  • Custom battery
  • Whole bike rewiring
  • Air breather/filter dyno tuned and calibrated

A close look reveals that this is a thorough and complete rebuild loaded with love and care. Regarding the name "Big Chill" he remarks, "I give a big thanks to my 4 year old nephew Leonardo for that!"

"Big Chill" should be riding under your ass, and can be, as it is currently for sale. Contact Wenley Andrews by visitng his web site at

Now sit back with headphones plugged in and rock out to "Big Chill" (courtesy of the bad-ass Sydney Cafe Racer group in which I hope to ride with soon).