Muscle - An off-road Ellaspede creation inspired by ‘60’s muscle-cars.

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We've heard of inspiration for bikes coming from many different angles but this is a new one. Peter Henshaw, writing for Muscle Car mag said, "The Muscle Car is Charles Atlas kicking sand in the face of the 98 hp weakling."

And that's just what the guys at Ellaspede were going for when they looked to Chrysler muscle cars of the 60's and 70's to provide the impetus for this in-your-face build.

Steve Barry, a co-founder of Ellaspede talks about it, “I’ve always appreciated the lines of a ‘70 Challenger or Cuda. Those cars were not shy. Their options included several levels of power output from engines up to 440 ci (7210 cc), various bonnet scoops,  powerbulges,  shakers, wider than standard wheels and among other things, high contrast, if not garish, paint schemes."

And why the bike choice? “I wanted a tough looking, purposeful bike that had a good power to weight ratio. I thought the XR600 a likely candidate. The idea of turning a dual purpose, off-road bike into a road-only bike also appealed and fits with Ellaspede’s idea of innovation and challenging the norm."

Their take on those options for EB004 was a rebuilt 630cc oversize engine bore with enlarged cooling fins along with custom large diameter two into two exhaust with internal baffles, custom wide 18 inch rims front and rear with red detail tires, lowered suspension and upgraded brakes.  For aesthetics they went with a version of the trademark Hemi Hockey Stick stripe commonly found on the Chryslers on a blacked-out center bulge tank.

Check out the custom seat that is finished in era evocative squared panelling (remember those sweet seats in your Dad's car) and mirrors the paint theme with the broken Hemi stripe joining at the middle rear in a font correct boastful display of the "630" engine displacement.

Other custom features include an under-seat compartment, frenched LED taillight with polished aluminium surround, polished aluminium gorgeous Ellaspede badges and stainless braided brake lines.The tank came from another Ellaspede build which is in progress, (don't worry, they'll get another one) a Honda XL500. “Its aggressive, masculine curves and seeming ‘power bulge’ center suited what I was trying to achieve” says Barry. The front forks were chopped and reset 150mm lower than standard. The standard rear suspension was replaced with a custom mounted unit from a Kawasaki to match the front stance. You know, low and mean.

All in all, it's safe to say that Steve Barry and co-owner Leo Yip have indeed challenged the norm and made us wipe the sand out of our eyes and look at off-road bikes (and muscle cars) in a whole new way.

As Steve says, "I’m sure people will have a multitude of opinions about what they think it should look like, and that’s great if it encourages discussion."

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