Red Iron - '86 BMW R65 Custom by Moto Di Ferro.

Moto Di Ferro (Italian translation: Motion of Iron) began 30 years ago, in the mind of a young and artistic Italian named Marco Lugato. Introduced to the thrill of two wheels by his father, Marco knew that he would one day create motorcycles. He wanted to transform, strip, cut, color and build machines that would ignite the imagination. There is one single principle which defines the work of Moto Di Ferro: “La ricerca dell’eccellenza” or "the pursuit of excellence". Marco’s works are distinguished by clean lines, simple and harmonious mechanical details, and iron. “Lots of iron. Iron metal worked with passion," says Marco.

“Red Iron” was designed around a 1986 BMW R65. This old beemer was radically transformed from it’s original state into an exquisite, minimalist cafe racer that makes just about anyone, beemer lover or not, drool over.

Marco poured a year of his life into painstakingly developing “Red Iron”. In fact, except for the tires, carbs and motor, everything else on this ride is a custom creation.

Being the first for Moto Di Ferro, “Red Iron” was built by Marco before he had the tools or resources to actualize his ideas to the fullest. No absence of workmanship here though.  Rather, an appealing simplicity that will leave you in anticipation of his next piece of art.

Check out some other beautiful builds on the Moto Di Ferro web site. We can't wait to see the next one.