Machine 5 - Kaffee Maschines

[nggallery id=44] Sometimes we look at bikes so often, our eyes begin to deceive us. We get numb to something we'd think was jaw-droppingly gorgeous just a few weeks back. It happens - trust us. But then a talented builder in another pocket, in another part of the world, sends you their latest build - and all things motorcycles are fresh and new once again.

This ride - Machine 5 - as it’s called by the guys at Kaffee Maschine in Hamburg, Germany, is classic and elegant with a bit of hot rod thrown in. It started out as an ‘89 Moto Guzzi Le Mans that arrived at the shop in a pile of pieces, with obvious signs it had been in an accident. The motor itself was in really rough shape, but Axel Budde, Kaffee's builder, wasn’t deterred.

Thomas Gruner, the owner, fell in love with a tank that Axel had lying around the shop and that became the center-piece building block - with all other alloy parts were then built by Axel himself. The motor and transmission got a total revision and now has new stock Le Mans specs. (950ccn, 81 hp)

Even with the original power, Axel says the Guzzi is performing great after the 183kg "diet" (the stock LM 1000 is around 240kg .) - only the frame loses 3.5kg of steel. The modified fork is of a California with special stainless steel discs. Brakes are equipped with modern calipers and a momentum support on the rear. The exhaust is Lafranconi, shocks are Ikon, the rev counter is from MMB. The minimal wiring harness was also built by Axel.

He chose the seat style and paint scheme based on his impression of Gruner - which had him aiming for that slightly hot rod look - a bit away from an iconic Italian racer.

Great choices all the way around Axel. This is a cafe racer most everyone will agree not only gets the body - but the heart racing as well.

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