It's Never To Late To Dream - Meet Pedro Garcia of Cafe Racer Dreams

Sometimes it all comes together as a perfect storm. The timing, the people, the events - all of the elements colliding to create something much greater than the sum of the parts - this is just what Pedro Garcia of Cafe Racer Dreams has experienced. Having gotten a degree in graphic design in 2001, dabbling in the art world as a sculptor (utilizing metal, stone and wood), working as the head of a Ducati dealership in Madrid, a salesman for Volvo and Porsche and a life-changing trip to Australia - all of these elements shaped a career that has lead to the birth of Garcia's own company. He relates, "Without my realizing it, everything was converging to make me what I am now. I would say that CRD is a mixture of my whole life experience."

He talks about his philosophy and what makes his company special, "

CRD is based on simplifying the aesthetic of the motorbike to bring out it's true essence. We make it lighter, leaving only what it really needs, two wheels and the engine. All of this, added to the use of stylish design, sober colours, classic but not garish pieces, caring about the details and the quality of the finish, comes out in what we call 'CRD style'. From the beginning I wanted to blend art and motor, and our clients appreciate that concept."

"As I mentioned before, a mixture of my professional experience led me to create CRD. When I tried to change an aspect of my motorbike I realized there were no workshops around that were ready to undertake my project - so I started to do it myself. Realizing there was a need encouraged me to set up the business and I considered it a good opportunity to take advantage of that particular niche market."

With such an extensive backround Garcia's able to think creatively and then implement those ideas as the building process unfolds. He says that he likes to follow what the bike is telling him at each stage of the process - an intimate relationship between man and steel develops and becomes evident in the final result.

Having just launched a new website showcasing his bikes and clothing line, Garcia is a new force in the world of bike customization and we eagerly await his latest and greatest designs. He's got a few more sweet looking rides he'll be rolling out of the garage soon, in the meantime, enjoy the galleries and make sure to follow us on Facebook or signup for the Weekly Throttle to stay tuned.

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A big thanks to our correspondent in Barcelona, Spain (and friend of Pedro's) Alex Ramon of GasCap Kustoms for collaborating with us. If you need graphic design resources for your bike shop - Alex is the man.