Cafe' Racer Village at Big Kahuna Atlanta

Pay attention guys and girls, here it is - Cafe Racer Village at Big Kahuna Atlanta.

Join us along with Dime City Cycles, Brian Fuller, Santiago Choppers and other builders featured on Cafe Racer TV while we come together to share what we all have an appreciation for - Cafe Racers! You'll see various bikes such as: The Brass Cafe and The Four Hundred, two of the Dime City Cycle's most potent Honda's around. Brian Fullers CB836 custom creation that rivals any CB750 on the street and Santiago Choppers famous Norley, the V-Twin engined speed machine in a feather-bed frame. This your chance to ask questions about the builds and get a closer look at these vintage speed machines!

In addition, Cafe Racer Magazine is bringing their on-the-road bike show to the event and is calling for all Cafe Racers to be dusted off, polished and prepped for a chance for some camera time and a cool trophy! Café Racer Magazine editor, Mike Seate, says "The custom bike shows are a chance to witness firsthand the emerging trends and high-performance technology that make today's café racer movement so exciting. Whether we're looking at a garage-built, $500 Japanese bike or a fully restored $50,000 Vincent, these bikes all share the passion and uniqueness that's made cafe racers popular for over 60 years.

Here's what other notables (ie; cool people) are saying about the cafe racer scene:

“I’ve seen some of the Café Racers people are building in their garages these days and it just amazes me,” said Cameron Gray, CEO of M1 PowerSports. “Everything from classic Nortons to Harley-Davidsons and Hondas; each machine is a work of art and for the most part, there are no two that are alike. We want to welcome them to the Big Kahuna family so we can all join in to celebrate their heritage and allow the owners to show off their bikes.”

“The Cafe Bikes and owners are such a fun and funky group,” said Bryan Fuller of Fuller Hot Rods, Atlanta, Ga. “I’ll be bringing my Café bikes out to the Big Kahuna Atlanta for sure; what better place than Road Atlanta to see the hottest trend in motorcycles up close and personal!”

If you're a cafe racer fan you obviously have to be there - think about it. Tickets start at just 20 bucks and Atlanta has nice hotels, restaurants and a big-ass airport to welcome you if can't ride there. (The only viable reason for not riding there is that there's an ocean between you and Atlanta, Georgia.)

This all kicks off with a premier party on Thursday, April 19th with an event called Pints and Pistons sponsored by Cafe Racer TV. See details here - Pints and Pistons.

Dream it, plan it, do it. For more information, check out the event sponsor Dime City Cycles.