1954 Triumph T110 - 'The Freer'

[nggallery id=13] It was the summer of 1954. Gas was 25 cents a gallon, Brando was playing the part of Johnny Strabler, leader of the gang in "The Wild One" and this classic rolled off the assembly line.

Thirty three years later, Hervé Coudoulet got a chance to ride it, fell in love with it and begged his friend - the bikes owner - to sell it to him. It took another 25 years before Coudoulet's dream would come true but for him it was well worth the wait.

Some of the original parts had been swapped out, and it had sustained some damage to the electronics, so Coudoulet had to apply his skill to bring it back to life. With the exception of the headlight and tail-lights, all of the pieces are refurbished older Triumph parts. The gorgeous candy-apple red tank and polished black fender (with painted logo and registration number) round out the simple and classic look the bike had so many years ago.

Good things come to those who wait, as Coudoulet attests, "Now I have the bike of my dreams!"