Iron & Air Moves to a Quarterly Publishing Calendar...FAQ

Issue 021 on press at Flash Reproductions, Toronto, Canada.

Issue 021 on press at Flash Reproductions, Toronto, Canada.

I heard you are moving from six issues to four annually. How does that affect my subscription?
All current subscribers who have purchased a six-issue subscription will still receive six issues of Iron & Air. We want to honor the purchase that you made. Your subscription will simply be extended for the duration required to honor the six-issues you paid for.

This is the same for both digital and print, with the exception of those that have purchased a lifetime digital subscription. Those lifetime members will be unaffected aside from the frequency in which you receive the issues (six times annually to four).

What about new subscribers? How soon will this take effect?
New subscribers who purchase an annual subscription after Feb. 4, 2016, will receive four issues moving forward at our adjusted price.

Why the change from six issues to four?
Moving from six issues to four allows us the opportunity to put a more concerted effort into the overall quality of Iron & Air Magazine. We will be working with our print partner to bring you a more robust publication in several different ways, potentially including more content, added incentives for print subscribers, and variations in the physical properties of the mag to make a more collectible piece.

We are also working with a variety of writers, artists, photographers, and technical experts to put an even deeper focus on our editorial offerings. This will include even more Iron & Air original works, commissioned art and photography, never-before-seen archival pieces, and much more, creating an overall publication unmatched in this industry. 

What if I have more questions?
Any questions, concerns, or comments can be directed to If you have a support related issue, please direct your concerns to