The new 'Iron & Air Magazine / Digital Edition'

We've done some renovations to our digital magazine experience. Here's how to access it and some information on the improvements. We hope you dig it.

What is it?
Our quarterly print magazine in digital form. We've just finished upgrading our platform in favor of a rock-solid web experience, using HTML5. You can log-in or subscribe for free, here.

What's different?
First is your login location. Go to and bookmark The experience is much better and even makes us want to read it more. :)  We've decided to abandon our iTunes application with this upgrade in favor of a web interface that works on ALL devices. 

Can I download the magazine to go?
Yep. Look for the PDF download option on the left-hand side of any issue while connected to the internet. Download to your desktop or device to take it with you.

I was an existing subscriber, has my password changed?
Go here and login with what you believe to be your password. We've moved all subscribers over to the new platform and in many cases, your current password. If the system doesn't recall it, you can easily do a Forgot Password lookup/reset. 

I do not have a subscription and would like one.
Great! Just head to and grab a free account. You'll gain immediate access to our entire archive, dating back to Issue One. 

I want to share this with my friends.
We want you too as well! Just send them this link and bam! They'll have their very own Iron & Air Magazine subscription.

I would like to pick up the magazine in print.
Groovy. You can check out our list of retailers or grab a single copy or subscription online

Questions? Drop us an email!