Seeking extraordinary stories.

While the motorcycle is the thread that connects us, it’s the places it takes us that often create the greater stories we tell. Iron & Air is a collective of talented writers, photographers, and artists from around the world coming together to tell these stories in their own unique medium. We welcome likeminded contributors to be a part of this collective.

Iron & Air is more than a magazine.

Iron & Air is a shared ethos of good living, adventure, and timeless pursuits. From the beginning, this idea has guided us in delivering the highest caliber content via our social channels, with the pages of our print publication following suit. Quantity over quality has never been an option. This standard garners the attention of our dedicated tribe & stellar brands and their respective audiences, engaging nearly 1.5 million people weekly. We continue to be a source for fresh, original content that can't be found anywhere else.


Content Considerations

Features may reside in Iron & Air's social streams, our online journal, or in the pages of our print publication.Our editorial content generally falls within—but is not limited to—the following categories:

  • Builder Profiles - Q&A or essay style
  • Bike Builds/Automotive Features - featured project/builds
  • Lifestyle/Culture - events, travel, destinations, experiences
  • Destination/Legendary Roads - travel/journey/location-based features
  • Product/Gear - lifestyle and/or motorcycle related
  • Artist/Photographer Profiles
  • Technical Articles - showcase an expertise or unique skill set (wrenching/riding/etc)
  • Fiction - short stories that are motorcycle/non-motorcycle alike – nothing is off-limits

*Note: Content placement is at the discretion of our editorial team. Please be clear if your content is already published elsewhere, or is slated for future publication. There may be certain circumstances we will make exceptions (for example, we may be able to share it socially, but it may not make it into our online journal or the magazine).

Image Credits | Jose Gallina, Dylan Gordon, The Malcolm Smith Archives, Iron & Air Media LLC